Player Information

Name:                      Sandra Stavrou
Country:                   Australia
Birth date:                 26/09/1977
Occupation:              Consultant - KPMG
Studies:                     Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Information Systems and Accounting (completed in 1999)
Birthplace:                Australia

Write below all your soccer experience with details.

How many years you play soccer? Thirteen (13)

Club soccer Teams:

Super League/State League Teams  (Highest League in the State of New South Wales, note:  there is no national club competition currently in Australia for Women)
- 2001                       Sutherland Sharks Soccer Club
- 1996, 1997, 2000   New South Wales (NSW) Institute of Sport
- 1999, 1998             Marconi-Fairfield Soccer Club
Local Teams
- 1995, 1992             Southern Minatours
- 1994, 1993             Belmore Hercules
Representative Teams (includes representing the state of New South Wales at National Championships)
- 1999, 1997              Australian University Green and Gold Team
- 1997                        Senior New South Wales State Team
- 1996                        U/19 Youth New South Wales State Team
- 1993, 1992              U/16’s Juniors New South Wales State Team
- 1994, 1993              New South Wales Combined High Schools Tour of New Zealand

Do you currently play soccer in any team? Yes.  Sutherland Sharks Soccer Club
In what place you play?  Centre forward & right midfield

Any other you want to write about your soccer background:

During my years of playing soccer I had the opportunity to play with high quality players from all over the state of New South Wales.  I have had the opportunity to play in many tournaments, some which included playing international teams from Asia, New Zealand and the United States of America.
Over the years I have received numerous awards from playing soccer.

Some notable individual awards are:

- 2000            University of New South Wales Sporting Blues Award for
                                            Soccer (see shortcuts attached to e-mail)
- 1998            Marconi-Fairfield Player of the Year – First Grade
- 1998            Marconi-Fairfield Player’s Player – First Grade

Some notable team awards that I have achieved by being part of successful teams are:

- 1999            Women’s State League Premiers – Marconi
- 1997            Women’s State League Premiers – NSWIS
- 1997             Senior Runner’s Up National Champions
- 1996             National Youth Champions
- 1993, 1994   National Junior Champions